Medicare Plans

Schack Insurance ( brokers many insurance products that are beneficial to the senior market.   First, and foremost, are the Medicare Plans we offer from all the best carriers.   We are also a full service agency for seniors, providing them the help they need in selecting a dental plan, prescription drug plan, long term care plan, life insurance,and Annuities.

Our philosophy is to hold the hands of our clients in this complex maze of options and treat each senior as we would want to be treated.   You’ll find us up front, knowledgeable, honest, and not at all pushy.   We realize that each person has different preferences and different needs, so we carry all the best options the market has to offer and will go over any of them you want to consider.   You’ll like the way you are treated by Schack Insurance.

Medicare parts A and B are a benefit each American earns through work credits.   For most of us it takes about 10 years of working and paying into the Medicare system to earn and become eligible for those benefits when we turn 65.  Non-working spouses usually qualify for Medicare A & B at age 65 as long as their spouse has or will have eligibility.  If your 65th birthday is coming up in the next 90 days or less, you should apply for your part A & B benefits through the government.  This is short and easy for most people, here is the link: –   If you have trouble you can call 1-800-633-4227, or you can go down to your local Social Security Office for help, or call Schack Insurance and we’ll help you through the process.  It usually takes a week or two for your new Medicare ID card to arrive.  Then you are ready to evaluate the other options.  Call Rhett Schack-871-261-1502, and set up a time for a consultation.

The Medicare program is a great way for seniors to get affordable access to the health care they need; however, by itself Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover all the medical cost one might incur.  Most seniors choose to add either a Medicare Supplement plan (or Medi-gap plan) to cover the portion of medical bills that Traditional Medicare doesn’t pay for; or they select a Medicare Advantage Plan (many of which also include prescription drug coverage). Schack Insurance brokers a variety of both options for numerous companies.   Both Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans are called Part C.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans allow you to keep traditional Medicare and go see any provider in the nation that accepts Traditional Medicare.   The provider bills Medicare directly and Medicare then bills your supplement plan.   Medicare Supplements provide many seniors the most freedom of choice in their care but they cost a little bit more than the Medicare Advantage Plans.   Schack Insurance always advises senior who choose to keep Traditional Medicare to buy a prescription drug plan or Part D in addition to their Medicare Supplement.

For some seniors, a Medicare Advantage Plan is the best fit.   Perhaps they don’t travel much and their Doctors prefer a certain Medicare Advantage Plan, or for some, they like the lower monthly insurance premium that is a feature of most Medicare Advantage Plans.  Most of these plans are an all-in-one kind of deal similar to group health insurance.   They usually have co-pays for various services and a maximum out of pocket for the year.   Most include prescription drug coverage (Part D), some dental and/or vision benefit, and even a gym membership.   These plans are available in HMO’s, PPO’s, and various other network arrangements.  Medicare Advantage Plans are great, but they are not the perfect fit for everyone. Cado Lake Steamboat

You’ll want to spend some time with Rhett discussing the differences between the options.   He will check your doctor’s to see which plans they take to make sure whatever you plan you choose is accepted by your doctors.  Having a list with your doctor’s names and phone numbers handy is a great help so we can ensure not to leave a key provider out of consideration in selecting a plan with the best fit.  We’ll also want to check to see which plans cover your prescriptions so you’ll want to have a list of those handy, your pharmacy is usually helpful in providing you such a list, if you need help gathering that information.   Let’s get you covered, so you can get out and enjoy life, see some things you’ve always wanted to see, and experience the things you’ve always wanted to experience.