Child Life

Many of us don’t consider life insurance for our children… Julia's 3rdit’s a thought we don’t want to entertain.   But the unexpected strikes, even the young.  Such an event is all the more devastating when, in addition to the loss, there are the five digit funeral expenses to cover.  The truth is that death is not that uncommon for the young.  Both child mortality and  morbidity factors are on the rise.  The world is a different place today, with threats from drug resistant disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies, ADHD, the resurgence of whooping cough,  and not to mention violence in our schools.

Getting insured while young and healthy is a smart choice.   Those who contract diabetes or some other health problem find it more difficult to purchase life insurance later in life.   So having some coverage early in life has many advantages.

The cost is affordable, most children under 17 can be covered with $50,000 of term life insurance for just $8.5/month.

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